Event Planning and Setting

The bonds that I’ve watched grow within the years, the friendships that I’ve seen develop as total strangers become each other’s strongest supporters. I’ve seen people supporting each other through health struggles that have ended up being celebrated events with the most amazing décor after months of endless doctor’s visits and hospital stays.

Baby Shower Events

I’ve celebrated baby shower events of people that have struggled for years in conceiving and when it finally happens it’s a great experience that bonds families even further.

house warming

House Warming

The décor would amaze you at the house warming events that I’ve attended and been a part of.

Kiddie's, Turn Up Events

From kiddie’s party events to turn up parties you could see the efforts that have been taken in decorating accordingly whether there’s a theme or it’s a casual setting with friends having a braai.

Wedding Events

the mother of all events, the wedding. With décor splendour that goes into those has always left me stunned. From the setting and décor at the church, through to the décor at the reception to the hall of beautifully selected fresh flowers combined with ribbons, draping from the bottom to the top with chairs and tables seated in perfection

All the events that I have attended or hosted or been a part of the décor team of have been a blessing to me and my life.

Event Décor for all occasions on offer, our most popular events being:

  • Baby and bridal showers
  • Birthday party celebrations
  • Business and book launches
  • House warming
  • Graduation and Traditional ceremonies
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